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One of the main issues when it comes to changing some of the key settings on Windows Phone is the fact that it takes ages to do it. If I wanted to turn on WiFi, then I would need to go into the settings and find the options for WiFi. Microsoft haven’t added any method to quickly change these settings from the homescreens. You can pin the settings tile to the homescreen, however it still takes a while to go through the settings. So a toggle feature is needed for the homescreen and so a few titles that go straight to my favourite setting would make it easier.

This is where the application WP Shortcut Tiles comes into it as Nazer had the same ideas and acted on them to create WP Shortcut Tiles. You can add any of the key toggle settings straight to the homescreen via a live title for each of them. You can add a title for WiFi settings, Cellular settings, Bluetooth settings, Airplane mode, Email notifications, status updater and music marketplace shortcut. Those are the simple shortcuts that take you directly to a setting of your choice straight from the homescreen. Say if I needed to put it on airplane mode at night, then I can pin the airplane mode title to my homescreen and then I can toggle it every night.

Those are the simple and direct setting titles as there are two more tiles that do something slightly more interesting. There is a tile that will allow me to switch from WiFi to cellular or cellular to WiFi. So that means that I can switch between them by the press of a button. Now when it comes to the application itself you have several different options to slightly customise it for yourself. The first option allows you to unpin all of the titles from your homescreen with one press of a button. You can enable the live tile feature for the WiFi and cellular title, which will tell you information about the WiFi or the cellular data feature.

I have stated the main features of the application and so by now you should know if you think that it will be useful for you. The application adds some features that have been missing from the main operating system since Microsoft released it. The application is currently only in English and so if you need it in a different language, then you’re going to have to wait till the next update. Nazer will be adding language support for French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and German in the near future.


Overall I think that this application is the most useful application possible for those who need to change the settings a lot of their Windows Phone. Since there is a clear lack of support for toggling settings on the operating system, this application was surly needed for a lot of people. The application is free and there aren’t currently any advertisements on it, which means that you can use it without a fee. If you toggle any of the settings on a frequent bases, then I would recommend trying and downloading the application to your phone.

Overall Rating: 9 / 10



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