Vlingo Virtual Assistant

The Vlingo Virtual Assistant turns your words into action! Send messages, update status, search, find/call local businesses, book hotels, movies, restaurants and much more.

Tested: Android 2.2

Requires Android: 2.0.1 and up

Size: 4.0M

Price: Free


URL: Vlingo Market Link


We like:

  • In car mode
  • Widgets
  • Application integration
  • User interface
  • Help menu

We dislike:

  • Sometimes misunderstands

Good Points:

In car mode is my favourite part of Vlingo as I believe that its the ultimate hands free updating application. My reasoning for it is that it has two unique features and they are called “Wake-up command” and “Safe Reader” and what they do is that they allow you to activate Vlingo’s features without the need to touch your phone. So if I was driving around and I wanted to call my friend then I would be able to tell Vlingo to call my friend without the need to press any buttons. Vlingo would also read out my text message to me and allow me to reply to it by using my voice.

Vlingo has a lot of widgets that come with it and these widgets can access different parts of the application and they are different sizes and so you can choose the one that fits the amount of space that you have on your home screens.

Vlingo integrates into multiple applications and this makes it easier and quicker to do your day to day tasks. Some of items that it allows you to do are:

  • Update your Facebook status.
  • Update your Twitter status.
  • Send a SMS message.
  • Make a phone call.
  • Google Navigation.
  • Send / reply to emails.
  • Make a search on Google.
  • Open an Android application.

Vlingo’s user interface is clean, simple and visually appealing. There are a lot of Android applications that aren’t well designed and have a bad user interface, however Vlingo’s interface makes it easy to update / reply / call / navigate. Vlingo has a lot of big buttons and large text and so if you sometimes find it difficult to read text on a phone, then you won’t have any issues with reading the buttons or any hints.

Vlingo has an advanced help menu system. If you are unsure about what you need to say in order to get it to work then Vlingo’s help menu will clearly tell you what you can use the application for and it will also give you good examples of what you would need to say to do certain tasks.

Bad Points:

As with all applications that need you to speak in order to make it work, sometimes it doesn’t understand what you have said and so it gets it wrong. This doesn’t happen that often, however its something that you should be aware of when using it.


In conclusion, this application is the best application that I have found for speech to text as it has more features than the official speech to text application that’s by Google. The application is very accurate and it has a lot of unique features that sets it apart from any similar application. The best part about it is that its completely free and there are no advertisements to get in the way of using it. If you need a speech to text application then I would highly recommend downloading Vlingo.

Overall Rating: 9/10



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