Tango Windows Phone features and images leaked

Some more features and information has been leaked about the Tango update. This update will improve the county support and allow more people in more countries to use Windows Phone. It will also allow you to be able to automatically download and update your applications via the Zune client. It will also increase the number of pre-installed applications from 16 to 40.

It doesn’t stop there as it will also bring the option to manage your contacts directly on the SIM card and it will will also allow you to export your contacts to the SIM. They have also improved the roaming settings. It will allow you to select no, domestic or international roaming.

It will also allow you to attach multiple attachments to a single MMS message. This sounds like some interesting changes and we will have to wait to see how well it works. We have a few screenshots of the Tango update below.

[via WMPU]



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