Motorola Asks People via Facebook What Cool Android Apps They’d Like to See, But Something Funny Happens

Now this one made me personally laugh as I find it quite ironic. Motorola has created a poll on Facebook and they ask the question “What cool Android apps would you like to see next from developers?” So now you would think that something like Netflix would be winning, right? Well this time, no. It seems that the answer that’s winning at the moment is “UNLOCKED THE BOOTLOADER !!!!!” and that’s followed by “Unlocking the bootloader”.

It goes on like that and so it seems that instead of getting some insight into what the customers want in terms of applications, they now know what everyone really wants from Motorola. So can Motorola carry on ignoring their customers? Who knows. Just keep your votes coming. You can vote via this facebook question page.

[via Phandroid]



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