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When it comes to people taking pictures, we all love to make a funny face as that’s apart of the fun of taking pictures. Now people can do a lot of amazing things with these pictures and an example of that is Mofo. Using Mofo you can create a character by using the face of one of your friends and the application will do everything for you.

When you first go onto the application it will give you the option to either create your own face, load a face, edit the face that comes pre-installed on the application or save a screenshot. Now when it comes to choosing a picture of someone to use with the application, you will have to use a picture that clearly shows their entire face. When you have picked the right picture, it will ask where the persons main facial features are located for example their eyes, nose and mouth. Now if the picture doesn’t look right, then it does give you the option to edit those features and so you can move them into place.

Once you have completed your persons face, you can now change it and make it into what you want it to be and it gives you different editing options. If you just want to make it look in different directions or make it move, then you can just swipe your finger across the screen. Now if you have always wanted to see what your friend looks like if they put on a bit of weight, then you can via the fat option. You can click on this button multiple times and every time you click on it, the persons face will become more fatter.

The second option that you have for modifying their face is changing their make up and that’s a single button and there is a set amount of changes that you can do with it. You can make them look like a clown, give them some more facial hair and so forth. You can make the face rock out as there is a rock out option and what it does it is makes the face turn into a loony. The face will literally rock out and that will also include some music and some pre-included light effects. Finally you can have general lights and music playing and its very similar to the rock feature but not as intense.

Now once you have had some fun messing with the face and making it do those funny things that you have wanted to do. You can now use the option to record your voice the face will talk and use their facial actions with your voice. You just press the record button and it will start automatically recording all of the sounds that you make, and you can play it back after you have recorded it.  Once you have recorded your voice, you have the option to change the pitch of the voice. So that means that you can make a really high squeeky voice and make the person say it. Now the application is fun and you can do really keep yourself entertained for a while, however I would like to see more options for changing the face as its currently quite limited.


Now overall this application is great for making funny faces and you can really make your friends faces do some funny or stupid actions. You can make your friends faces look completely different or just make them look stupid. The application isn’t free and so there is a small cost to it, however if this sounds like it would be fun for you then there is a free trail. The free trail will give you most of the features that you will get with the full application, however they will limit the amount of times that you can use each feature. So try it for yourself with the free trail as if you don’t like it, then you can just remove it without any cost to you.

Overall Rating: 8 / 10



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