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If you have a rooted device and you want the Honeycomb lockscreen then you may be in luck. XDA member bizdady has ported over the Honeycomb lockscreen and we can use it on our phones. It currently only works for phones that are running CyanogenMod 7 RC1, however it will be ported over to more phones in the future. bizdady recommends using the regular sliders instead of the extra icons as you might end up with a blank image.

Originally posted by bizdady
WIP: Lockscreen Mod for CM7 RC1 (Honeycomb Wannabe Lockscreen)
So I decided to mod lockscreen to look a bit like the Honeycomb lock along with Honeycomb font on the Lockscreen Clock.
I originally made this for Evo users but Ive gotten number of request for other phones so thought I post it here. Since this mods your framework-res.apk it has to be phone specific (as far as I know this is my first real mod for anything other than my Evo) This mod is Cm7 Rc1 frameworks (to be consistent) but as things slow down I can take nightly requests (we love our nightlies!!). IF there is a nightly only a few days old please note that it will not be a top priority but I will update when I have time. Updating a nightly for every phone can get gruesome.
Some Icons (sound, Vibrate & Cyanogen robot custom icon) had to be blanked out so if you try using the regular sliders and using some of the extra icons you might have a blank image but the slider still works.
The Main lockscreen is the Rotary Style lockscreen. You can change it under settings > Cyanogenmod settings > Lockscreen Settings > Lockscreen Style

If your interested in trying out the Honeycomb lockscreen then go to the lockscreen thread.

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