HTC Wildfire S on Vodafone UK in Grey, Purple and White

The HTC Wildfire (original) was one of the most popular phones in the UK last year, and so we are guessing that the Wildfire S will also be a popular phone in the UK. So if your looking to buy the Wildfire S, then you now have the option to get it in three colours on Vodafone UK. Those colours are of course grey, purple and white, and so if that’s the phone that you want on that network, then your in luck.

You can get any of those phones for the same price, as the only difference between them is that they are in a different colour. You can get it for “free” on a £20 per month 2 year agreement, which will get you 100 minutes, 500 texts and 250MB of data per month.

So if your an intermediate user, then this phone on that plan might be a good idea. If your a heavy phone user, then that might not be the phone or the plan for you. You can find all of the deals for the Wildfire S on the Vodafone UK website.



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