HTC Sense Theme for Cyanogenmod 7

There are a lot of users who prefer HTC Sense to any other custom launchers on Android. When you use Cyanogenmod 7 you lose that and so because of that XDA member nhnt11 has created a theme to go on top of Cyanogenmod 7. This theme supports HDPI, MDPI and LDPI resolutions and this does make your phone look like its running Sense UI on it, however the only problem is that you don’t get the HTC Sense widgets. Installing this is pretty easy and so you shouldn’t have any issues with getting it on your phone.

Originally posted by nhnt11
[CM7 Theme Chooser][H/M/LDPI] NTSense – Sense for CM7!!! (Updated 9/3)

Hi guys,

This is a port of the Sense framework. It works with the theme chooser so it’s easily updatable.
This theme supports HDPI, MDPI and LDPI. I don’t have an HDPI/MDPI phone around to test though, so it would be much appreciated if you could test it out and tell me what you think, if you find any bugs, etc.

This theme was originally an experiment for me to learn/figure out the theme engine (I never intended to actually use it because I’m not a big sense fan), but many people liked it and I got a request for HDPI so I thought I’d just continue working on it as a proper theme.

The complete framework is themed, including status bar, notifications, icons, dialogs, buttons, progress bars, overscroll glow, etc etc. Also I’ve put in a version of the honeycomb keyboard with green highlights instead of blue.

If you want to install this theme then go to the original thread and it has the files and the instructions to install it.

[via XDA]



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