How to set up yahoo mail on android

Setting up Yahoo Mail on Android

There have been a lot of users having issues with setting up their Yahoo Mail account on their android device.

There is an application called Mail / Email, it is a built in application and all android devices will have it.

This is what you need to do to set up your Yahoo Mail account.

Warning: Might not work with Droid Incredible (Solution Needed)!

Step 1

Go to “Menu” > then “New Account” > then “Other (POP3 / IMAP)”.

Step 2

Go to “Manual setup” > for protocol you change it to “IMAP”.

Step 3

Put in your “Username” and “Password”.

Step 4

Change the “IMAP server” to “”.

Step 5

Click “Next” > change the “SMTP” server to “”.

Step 6

click on “Next” >¬†choose an “Account name” and put in “Your name”.

Step 7

Click on “Finish Setup” > All done.



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