Have Sense and Blur and More with HeLauncher for Android

There are a lot of Android launchers available on Android and these launchers change the user interface in different and unique ways. These launchers are normally free and they give you the power to customise your Android phone to however you want it to look. Say that you don’t want to customise your phone, but instead you want MotoBlur or HTC Sense then what?

Well that’s where XDA member makav3ll1‘s HeLauncher comes into play, as he has taken the launchers from different manufactures and placed them into one application / launcher. This gives the user the ability to switch between these different user interfaces quick and easy as well as it being hassle free.

HeLauncher is a home replacement for Android. The home application is the center piece to the users entire Android experience. Device manufacturers like to modify the home application to give the user a different feel for their device, to make their specific device stand out against the crowd.

What makes this home replacement different is that all docks included in this app, have been ripped from home applications from the main manufacturers and blended into one home application.

The application is free and so if you want to download and try it then you can download it from the Android Market.

[via XDA]



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