DiskUsage can tell you whats eating your external memory

There are a lot of different factors when it comes to your external memory and its space usage and sometimes we run out of space on it. When that happens we need to look for the files that we don’t want and that we can remove to get some of the space back. We would normally have to look through the SD card and through all of the files, however we now have a solution for that problem.

XDA member ivan.volosyuk has an application that will look through our external memory and tell us what files are taking up the space on it. The application DiskUsage will specifically look for the files that are taking up the largest amounts of space and then provide a detailed breakdown of those files. There will be updates that will allow you to view other file systems such as the system folders and the root directories. This application will need root as then then when the update comes, you will be able to view those files.

What is DiskUsage:
It is a way to find memory hogs on storage card using graphical representation of directories/subdirectories/files proportional to their size on storage card.

If you already use Market version of DiskUsage app you may probably wanted to have access to your system and data partition on your rooted device. That’s exactly the feature I’m currently working on. It works on my own device, but I am looking for wider testing before releasing the update to market. I thought the xda-developers is just right audience for this.

If you are interested in checking it out then you can via the DiskUsage development thread.



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