Control your PS3 with BlueputDroid

As the Playstation 3 has Bluetooth for its controllers and headsets, it means that Android phones can connect to them with the right software via Bluetooth. XDA member berserker_devel has created an application called BlueputDroid, which is currently in its free public beta stage. What it does is it allows your phone to connect to a Playstation 3 and so your phone can be an input device. It can be used to control the cursor or it can be used to input text into the console.

This application is good because not everyone has a keyboard for their Playstation 3 and so that makes it much easier to input text onto the console. Its also good as it can control the cursor which is brilliant for those who use the Playstation 3′s browser as its a pain to use a controller to move that cursor about and so moving on your phone saves a lot of time and effort.

As the project isn’t complete, it means that the application won’t work on all of the different Android devices and so you will need to check the list on the application thread to see if your Android device is compatible. They have video demos of it on the thread and so if you just want to see how it works then you can easily do that.

[via XDA]



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