Beautiful Widgets Reaches 500,000 downloads on Android

Beautiful Widgets by level up studio has reached 500,000 paid downloads. This is an amazing amount of downloads by any respect. If this was a free application, then it would still be impressive. As its not a free application, this is super impressive. The developers behind the application have said that:

While we are not the first ones to achieve that number (we think Robo Defense from Lupis Labs Software did it just before us), we are still very proud of what we have done.

I think that this proves that if you bring out an amazing application, then you will earn a lot from it. So if your a new developer and you have an amazing application, then keep with it and you may become as successful as level up studio’s. Now that they have reached the half way point, they are on their way to getting a million paid downloads. If you want to buy beautiful widgets for yourself, then you can find it from the Android Market here.



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