Android Push Notifications for Facebook

Do you want more push notifications for Facebook on your Android phone? Well it seems that XDA member rosenbaa29 has explained about how using push notifications on Facebook and Twitter and how it can kill your battery due to its automatic refresh cycle. So rosenbaa29 has presented us with a solution for this problem in the form of an Android application.

What the application does is instead of the application checking Facebook and then downloading the new information, it instead checks your Facebook account every 60-90 seconds for updates. If the application finds an update then it will push it to your device. That way you can still get Facebook and Twitter updates, but without losing so much battery power in the process.

Originally posted by rosenbaa29
PUSH Notifications for Facebook Fix!
Yes! Finally we have Push notifications for Facebook AND Twitter After the new facebook update, you might have noticed you are forced to have your facebook sync every 5, 10, 30 etc. minutes? Yeah, drove me insane too. Well there is now a fix. This is not my software. But it WORKS! and thats all that matters right? Make sure you check the “Unknown Sources” tab in Settings -> Application BEFORE you download to allow you to install this app. Browse this link below on your andorid device, download the small .APK, and install. Simple as that. Let me know if it works for you!

If you want more information or you want to download this application then you can by going to the application thread.

[via XDA]



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