All In One Toolbox for Android – ZDBox

If your planning on tweaking your Android phone then there are a lot of tools out there that can help you. One of those tools is called the All In One Toolbox, which is also known as ZDBox. What ZDBox does is it is a task management/scheduling/system information application. This application will be able to help you monitor things like your battery life and your data usage. You will also be able to manage your tasks / applications and set event scheduling for day to day tasks. It can do more than that but those are examples of what it was built to do.

This is a toolbox to enhance your Android phone.Tell you about battery information,network data usage in real time.Having it ,you can keep phone silent or offline automatically in the preset time range,and make the phone running as fast as possible by killing running apps! Also,you can lock apps like Gmail,Messaging,etc to protect your personal privacy and give more free space to the internal phone storage by batch moving apps to SD or batch uninstalling apps.
Having ZDbox, Wow! So easy!

The application is still in development and so you can use it but if you come across any bugs then its always worth reporting them. You can find the application and more information about it on the ZDBox development thread.

[via XDA]



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